Saturday 27 August 2016

How to survive a heat wave!

20 Coolest Tips for Surviving Summer Heat Waves:-

The 20 Coolest Tips for Surviving Summer Heat Waves


recommended tips include the following top ten tips:-

1. wearing cotton clothes
2. put bedsheets in the freezer and use them just before sleeping
3. use a hot water bottle as an ice pack in the summer
4. point box fans out the window so hot air is pushed out and adjust the settings of ceiling fans so they turn anti clockwise (I didn't know ceiling fans could turn anti clockwise!)
5. dampen a towel and use it as a blanket - Egyptian method
6. wear loose cotton nightshirts or top/underwear
7. use a shallow box/pan with ice in front of the fan to create a cool water mist
8. use a fan placed opposite a window to create a cross breeze between the air coming through the window and the cool breeze created by the fan ice packs or cold compresses against your pulses such as your wrist, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees
10. use high tech pads that stay constantly cool

George Winston: Plains (Full Album)

No subways to blur my vision

(c) @diana_in_new_york via Instagram

No subways to blur my vision

No subways to blur my vision,
my view is clear where I am now,
A photograph takes me there,
to that somewhere I have often envisioned.

The island view is fresh in my mind,
the riverside stance capturing the skyscrapers
in a way that makes me ponder and reflect
on the majestic intellect of human kind.

As part of nature, the grass blades,
tinctured by the red roses in the foreground,
clarifies my view of what I see in front of me,
in a photo that speaks of romance in colourful shades.

The view is reminiscent of childhood dreams,
of sitting by a riverside in the cool, fresh breeze,
with a river view that we find in romantic novels,
my life in review, my perspective changes
                                       of frequent daydreams.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Thursday 25 August 2016

Morning Music for Positive Energy - Music for Positive Energy and Healin...

Centennial Ode to the National Parks

 A red travels along the Going-to-the-Sun Road as part of the FDR commemorative trip in Glacier National Park. 
Photo: Glacier NPS Flickr/Jacob W. Frank

Centennial Ode to the National Parks

The drive pass the mountain peaks at Glacier
are steadfast foundations even in the August heat
that stands upright - grand and palatial;
giving my heart, that awesome; Reverential thudding beat.
How can this be a hundred years that have graced our land?
When our forefathers walked peacefully through the rugged territory,
With many a Tale told for future generations to understand,
To marvel at and pass down to their families.
The rocks and stones in the lakes have seen many go by,
along the banks, that are trodden on for centuries past;
holding back tales that would make a grown man cry –
of sorrows of a homeland that are now museum artefact plates encast.
Human failings have caused misery to those peaceful dwellers:
their lives torn asunder to far-flung places!
Only a few remnants of American Indian history are reminders,
of a past that belonged to nature’s indigenous races.
A century has past and goodness of the earth’s natural land
Has become our refuge in times of troubles and distress,
As we savour the rich earthly smells that pervades our sensory glands,
And the scenic landscapes appeal to our natural senses.
Are we not fiercely proud of our national parks?
That rewards us with bounteous greenery so pleasing
Of spacious walking areas that keep us as happy as a lark?
As we hum out songs to the mountainous ranges, in solitary ease.

© nature thoughts nw

Sunday 21 August 2016

Nature Sounds that are Truly Relaxing

Picnic not made in China

(c) Traveler On the Backroads with Christa Pike Kofford

Picnic not made in China

Tomatoes, salad, sausage rolls,
on a plate made in China near
cubed sandwiches with salmon paté
packed with beef and horse radish,
in containers from that mainland
where most household items are made,
spread across the wooden table, made
somewhere nearby. I can see it in the style
of the wood, and the quaint wooden seats.
The rustic look, found in many a rural
District in European countries. But this
is an American experience so the table
and setting are slightly different.

The meat, sandwiches and salads almost
the same. Spread neatly across a wooden table,
With lager, freshly squeezed juices of oranges
and cranberry.  Bags of ice from Publix if you're in the
area.  Never knew why it's called that. Near puberty.
Near adulthood and garden fetes than a park lunch.
Not made in China.  The quality as good.  The food
outstanding. Who can resist a noodle salad with
prawns or as they say shrimps? Shrimp fishing.
The cool fresh water shrimps in those country lakes
in the Caribbean may not be the same. But the outcome
remains the same.  The memory stays.  Along with the
gnats and green flies.  Everywhere.  The food goes and
so does the day.  The day turns to dusk and the wooden
table and seats remain where they can be seen.

(c) nature thoughts nw

(c) Traveler On the Backroads with Christa Pike Kofford

Sunday 14 August 2016

8 hours of Relaxing Sounds

An artist's stamp

Painting (c) Jackie Gardiner

An artist's stamp

A Van Gogh or a Cezanne
I utter. It's the influence,
I gather. The unique style,
I understand. The pastel oils,
I garner.  So relevant to any wall,
I estimate.  Bringing life to a room,
In discussion. The focus of a lively,
Intimate interaction. It's the style,
I gather.  The unrefutable claim,
Undeniable and inspiring.
In oils almost indigo, innate, with-
In. Its subtleness, alive
In swirls. An artist's stamp in
Invisible curls. Intimate and invincible.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Sunday 7 August 2016

Memory retention: Music for studying, learning and remembering

Rio Nao Frio

(Photo: @maximusupinNYc/Instagram)

Rio Nao Frio
Olympic-mania in Rio!
Summer in de Janeiro,
Gold, gold, gold in Rio,
In the tradition of sun, sea and Rio
Golden sandy beaches, samba 
and a
sun tan glow.
Copacabana. Sun, the Olympics and bandanna.
Copacabana. Sol, so Jogos Olimpicos e bandana.
Maracana. Maracana.
Olympic Rio.
The privilege to
Vanderlei de Lima
the Olympic torch
bearer, Bronzed.
Medal aglow.
First ever in the Americas.
Maracana, in light,
Pele the legend,
in place.
Rio. Summer's
Finalmente. Nao frio.
(c) nature thoughts nw

Feed me Not

NPS Photo Russel Smith

Feed me Not
Feed me not. However much I plead.
My apparel is pleasing. My charm,
Endearing. But Feed me not, I'm
No domiciled creature. Feed
me Not. Is Rocky Mountain's plea.
Rocky's my home,
where in the wild, I collect
nuts, Rocky seeds, fruits
and others, bucket loads, of,
And I just am playful, so full of
charm. Feed me Not.
I mean no Harm.
Grass galore, fungi everywhere,
Anthropods I care to have,
any time of day.
Feed me Not, I have food
wherever I choose to stay.
Even frogs, worms and eggs
are on the menu, I crave, so
Feed me
Not, any time of the day.
Chipmunk's forced Notice, needless to say.
(c) nature thoughts nw

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