Monday 27 January 2020

A Spring Poem in January The crocuses

The crocuses

My guess is that
the Crocus
vernus will
arrive late this year
As Winter is mild,
and the frost isn't
here yet.
Nor the snow dipped
into sludge
but snow crocuses
bloom amid winter

Ornamental crocuses
in Flavus
Family in vases
make a room
sunny which
spark the rays
Through windows
in March making
a continuing process
from the first month
until winter
cold and dark.

Now that flicker
of April
showers with rainbow
flowers from
yellow to purple
will spread happiness
in open fields
to welcome in
a true delight.
What say my podcast
team, Andy N Amanda?

(c) nature thoughts nw

(I now know from many years of writing poetry and doing an English Degree at university that poetry is truly subjective. Poetry magazines also reflect how subjective a panel of judges can be!)

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