Saturday 15 June 2019

A Carer's Role is Extremely Challenging and Carers' Week June 2019 celebrates Carers in the UK

Time to Care

Talk when you feel it is 
Laugh when you need
Cry if you feel like
For Caring is Sharing.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Caring for someone can be a challenge many will find an impossible role but the photo. above, shows an image reflected by the daylight beams, of a person reaching for the moon, where as we know, the impossible was achieved!  

On 20 July 1969,

The image in the photo, above, also suggests to me that nature always conquers come rain or sunshine, through happiness or sadness, during times of conflicts, we still see flourishing trees and plants that keep us all alive and thriving.  "Touch wood!"  (Trees are being planted as I write, and many care passionately about helping the planet's nature and wildlife species flourish, through their photographic contributions on the London Wildlife Trust site.

Gene Kelly’s ‘Singing in The Rain’ and the quote (below) come to mind:

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass..
It’s about learning to..
Dance in the Rain.


For haven't we been through those deeply troubled times when we felt so agitated and frustrated about something bothering us that we  wanted to "scream and shout and let it all out"?

It is essential that Carers discuss and share their experiences with others to 'let it all out', the pent up feelings of stress and frustrations of having to deal with tricky moments they often face being a Carer.

Being a Carer also comes with responsibilities that others take for granted!

  1. An understanding attitude to be patient and kind to their charge
  2. Thorough observation - so being aware of what is happening around them and their charge
  3. Flexibility to go where their charge wants to go, even if not on the planned route (an outing trip for instance)
  4. Adaptability - being prepared to walk further than planned or take a different mode of transport and manage the physical and mental stress that goes with taking someone on an outing, for instance.
  5. Going that extra mile and a half to help their charge feel a little better about their day 
Organisations like Carers UK are the bastion of the work Carers do, which is time consuming!

During Carers' Week  the nation celebrates the "achievements Carers have accomplished in dedicating time and effort to looking after someone!  All kudos to the much-appreciated and valued work they do; the unending requests and errands made; the countless times they have to be 'kept on the lookout' for any possible situation that could lead to complications, it is vital that 'learning to dance' in the rain is a prerequisite to caring for others.

Come along to one of my events and share your experiences as a Carer!

A look back at events this Carers' Week:

Venue: Sainsbury's Merton cafe, Collier's Wood, SW19 1DD

Wednesday, 12 June 2019 bet 1pm - 2pm
Friday, 14 June 2019    bet   1pm - 2pm


Time to Care

Talk when you feel it is 
Laugh when you need
Cry if you feel like
For Caring is Sharing.

(c) nature thoughts nw

Friday 14 June 2019

Post Carers Social Share-Your-Experience day at Sainsbury's Merton cafe, London

Being a Carer takes time, effort and dedication.  There are thousands of Carers who care for others without hoping for any rewards.  For many, it is a vocation and they work relentlessly to help others live a reasonably good life, especially as senior members require a lot of support.
Lovella (I've changed the name) is an outstanding colleague and friend, who is not only a full-time mother and Union Rep, but a Carer to both her parents, as well as working full time!
Her dedication as a Carer is shown when on my day off, I met Lovely with her father getting on the same bus.  It is not only dedication in looking after a family member but hard work and very commendable.  

All credit to the many Carers who dedicate many hours of their time caring for others!


Artist and Writer, Harry, (name changed), has worked in the United States most of his working life and is now able to contemplate working part time but is currently caring for his mother who now needs medical attention.  Her illustrious career as a stage artiste has led to a very interesting life. 

Harry is a devoted son who has looked after his mother, full time for over a year and does all the usual daily chores with a jovial 'spirit'!  


A friend from childhood, Sevanna, (name changed), has spend all her life looking after both her parents and has worked full time throughout this long term Carer's role.  She smiles even when there is sadness in the family which is commendable for even now she takes her parent out for walks and for a coffee, but never fails to visit the parent every day.


A good friend, Esther, works and has a loving family yet she gives up some of her time to be a Carer over the past 10 years and continues to be a supportive 'parent' to her extended family.

Caring for others is challenging as I have come across many different characters, which can be difficult at times but personally I find it rewarding.

There are many Carers who give up their time to care for someone willingly and it is this heroic attitude that we celebrate during Carers Week, this week!

It is important to talk to others about caring for someone because it can get overwhelmingly stressful.

Questions we should be asking ourselves are:

1. How often do you discuss you role as a Carer, with others?
2. In what ways do you cope with caring for someone who also needs medical treatment?
3. Is there an organisation you turn to when struggling with your own emotions and stress?
4. How often do you take a break from your caring role?

Happy Carers' Week to all the dedicated Carers out there and wishing you all many more years of Caring for Others!

Carers Week (10th - 16th June 2019) Carers' Social Share-Your-Experience Event, bet 1pm - 2pm at Sainsbury's Merton cafe, London

Tuesday 11 June 2019

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