Thursday 24 June 2021

Windrush 2021 The place we came from

The island that I know has memories 

on the beach, in the imprint of steps

taken one at a time.

Finding a voice in poetic stance

Trodding over branches that fell

onto white, sunkissed sand, warm

like the turn of Autumn to Spring. 

I walked over these paths many times,

reminiscing of days lying there,

looking up into clarity. The sky

responds with a bright, arched

grin. The hues of blue laughing.

Mindful that lunchtime approaches,

a sip of iced coolsicle, crushed ice

water dripping down the glass,

onto the sandy beach. Smiling,

my skin is scorched red and I forget

the sun lotion.


Now stinging, my skin feels sore.

I now it is time to go into the sea

and feel reassured that summer is always

around the corner.

(c) nature thoughts nw






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