Sunday 7 August 2016

Rio Nao Frio

(Photo: @maximusupinNYc/Instagram)

Rio Nao Frio
Olympic-mania in Rio!
Summer in de Janeiro,
Gold, gold, gold in Rio,
In the tradition of sun, sea and Rio
Golden sandy beaches, samba 
and a
sun tan glow.
Copacabana. Sun, the Olympics and bandanna.
Copacabana. Sol, so Jogos Olimpicos e bandana.
Maracana. Maracana.
Olympic Rio.
The privilege to
Vanderlei de Lima
the Olympic torch
bearer, Bronzed.
Medal aglow.
First ever in the Americas.
Maracana, in light,
Pele the legend,
in place.
Rio. Summer's
Finalmente. Nao frio.
(c) nature thoughts nw

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