Saturday 3 July 2021

Take a break sit back and relax

When it is time to take a break, 

take a well earned break

The next task on the list can but wait

It is way past the time so don't be late

Be that person who goes for that well earned lunch

The task won't be gone so don't have a hunch

It is way too late to be eating past 2,

Sit back and eat that lunch, for it is long due.


Take in the flavours of the lunch that was ready

At past mid day when queues lined the streets 

waiting for their lunch to eat, 

not to gulp down so take good heed

(Lunch is to be eaten, digested and be the day's creed).

Don't speed off with a mouthful of lunch,

Sit back and eat slowly, get a drink and relax

Time can wait until lunch has been eaten

Be that sensible person who takes that well earned break, 

not beaten,

(c) nature thoughts nw

Inspired by the Greeting card designed by Tihara Smith of

Tihara's nice message reflects the Greeting's card message too and that is Give Yourself A Break.

The Museum of London has an ensemble of Tihara Smith's collection and a suit owned by her grandfather, Lazare Sylvestre, who is part of the Windrush generation, arriving in the UK from the Caribbean in 1958.

Museum of London - Fashion and the Windrush Story

Windrush Day 2021 was a celebration of the Windrush generation in the RUSH Anthem:

(I recorded my Alto part for the Rush Anthem)


Good to take a well earned break and for any MC'ing for special occasions, the talented MC Darren Entwistle is the person to book for any occasion!

MC Darren Entwistle

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