Wednesday 7 October 2015

Motivational quote of the day

Daily thought:

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When your day isn't going as planned, you should say to yourself:

'I've learnt something today that is helping me to realise, life isn't perfect;

We all have days when we:
angry at something;

Then we have to:
clear our thoughts and breathe deeply;
listen to some soothing music;
calm down.

Daily de-stressing exercise:
Start with a 50 second - 1 minute breathing exercise that you should try to do first thing in the morning.
Breathe in slowly (count up to 5 seconds)
Hold breath for 1 - 5 seconds
Breathe out slowly through the mouth for a duration of 1 - 5 seconds
Continue this exercise 5 times (try up to 10 times to increase the length of time you do this exercise)
Then relax.

(Repeat daily)

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