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Nature’s warning signs that disaster is about to strike -

(Article by Sydney Baum-Haines)

"Going out in nature is refreshing and relaxing, but there’s always danger lurking around the corner. You may have street smarts, but lack wild-smarts. So instead of getting struck by lightning or drowning in a rip current, learn about the different ways nature warns you away from disaster and imminent natural disaster. Plus, sometimes you just can’t check the weather forecast and want to know if it’ll rain tomorrow." (

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Nature’s warning signs that disaster is about to strike

(by Sydney Baum-Haines)

1. Beware of a patch of J-shaped trees
2. When the ocean level drops, danger is not far behind
3. A wall cloud in the sky might take you out of Kansas
4. Stay clear of the channel of choppy waters at the beach
5. If animals start leaving, an earthquake might be on the way
6. But if animals start running toward you, there could be a fire behind them
7. If your hair stands on end, take action
8. Sharks swimming in deep waters probably means a hurricane coming
9. If you hear a roar of rushing water, run to high ground
10. If all the golden-winged warblers disappear, a storm's brewing
11. A ring around the moon or sun can predict tomorrow's weather
12. If you see fish on the beach, don't go in the water
13. If your dog seems concerned about a part of your body, get it checked out
14. Cracked snow underfoot could signal an impending avalanche
15. Rising water levels warn of an incoming flood
16. If the ocean makes an unusual roaring sound, get up high
17. Green skies indicate severe weather may be on the way
18. Beware of lakes near volcanoes in hot environments
19. If you see square waves, get out of the water
20. If you see bands in the sky, get to a basement
21. Don't go in the water if it is green or smells bad
22. If you are in a cave during a full or new moon, get out as soon as possible
23. Rattlesnakes alert you when they are angry
24. Red skies can predict the weather, morning or night
25. Volcanoes shake, swell and get gassy before they blow
26. If you see a funnel cloud in the sky, get inside
27. If you find a mushroom growing close to a tree, don't eat it
28. Brightly coloured animals often signal danger
29. A tree with deep cracks or missing bark may be about to fall over
30. Be wary of these signs a bull is about to charge (ie. scraping dust with hooves)
31. Listening to the frogs can help you predict the weather (ie. if they croak more than usual it might be because it is about to rain - could ruin a picnic, day out walking, hiking ...)
32. Glossy pavement can mean danger during winter
33. If you see a wall of dust, get off the road immediately
34. If a skunk stamp its foot and raises its tail, get out of the spray zone
35. If a lake is covered in white or gray ice, don't step on it
36. If you are stung by a bee near a hive, run to shelter
37. If you see a beautifully coloured pool, don't go in it
38. If you see five-toed paw prints and scratch marks on trees, be wary
39. If you see red berries in the wild, don't eat them
40. Ecosystem canaries can warn scientists about an ecosystem's collapse
41. Plant and animal range shifts warn of climate change
42. There's no real warning of quick sand, but you can get out

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