Monday, 11 February 2019

A cold snap

is the way forward.  It works and helps those sleeping rough, with an efficiency that reflects how London supports its residents with the right facilties especially during harsh winters. 

The other day I saw less people sleeping rough. Only 1 sighting at the time and I used the service to let them know.

To confirm how much is being done for many in this state, here's the response I received.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Support Street Link in helping those who sleep rough and other causes to help the environment

What #Brexit highlights is what I thought was already at the forefront of people's minds and that is:

The streets and transport are  overcrowded  (yet well maintained despite the millions of commuters who use the transport system regularly).

Many sleep rough on the high streets, some even resorting to begging in spite of church help.  (And) churches really help the sick and needy on a daily basis.  They go above and beyond their support for the community.  They don't need to be available to assist those who never attend church service or hear the requests of those in hospital.  Yet they are there supporting the commubity regardless of their heavy workload. Many church members do so much it's become a vocation.

Local councils maintain the plants and trees that we see in public areas and streets; bins are constantly filled with rubbish and emptied or bacteria spreads; streets are swept regularly or the litter accumulates.

As we know, trees and plants are important for nature and wildlife to thrive in the city and to help with producing oxygen to make the air breathable.

Public transport runs on time or TFL refunds the fare back to the Oyster card on a given journey.

Most of us take all these public services for granted and never give anything back to society.

Just like listening to music or a musical, we show our appreciation by going to a concert and the musician/s can only perform if the concert tickets are being bought. If nobody contributes to the general upkeep of a city, it gets neglected and unsafe.

Some are ardent (and commendable) supporters of good causes like those against animal cruelty and the unnecessary use of excessive plastic bags which are bad for the environment.

It was through award winning radio stations like LBC that advertised (yesterday) the organisation Street Link that encourages everyone to let them know of anyone they see sleeping rough.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

A plant dedicated to a legend

In memory of a war veteran

'Tis a plant that will
see the Spring soon to be
the war that shaped Britain
as a country 
and her veterans
who all made history
in the winter of November.
Now January 
and legends forever.

A legendary conversation
and a coffee with memories
made every smile 
forgetting imaginary 
Time to think of planting
timeless hedges.

Never forgotten.
Always legendary, present. 
Now, as the season changes.
The legend lives on.

(c) Nature Thoughts nw

Thursday, 6 December 2018

More bins is better

'One Bin is Rubbish... Sort it out'


More bins for litter
The tidier a city, better
For breathing easier
Freer. Healthier.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Festive thoughts

At this time of the year we see a change in the scenery from shops doing business as usual without that need to say 'Happy Holidays!' to a smile on Baristas' faces and that voluntary chirpiness we see during the festive period.

Everywhere there are brightly lit streets with sparkling lights decorating street light poles and suddenly almost everyone is thinking of festive foods and gifts.

Come March 2019, will we be able to travel across Europe to see all the various ways of celebrating Easter and Christmas?

Will there be changes to how we look at these traditional celebrations?

Yet we have to decide whether to put some effort in celebrating the festive season or not.

This reminds me of the mother I overheard on the public transport telling her very young daughter to read a poem. 

It's a nice gesture but as with cultural celebrations, we have to decide for our own selves whether we want to read a poem and then write one ourselves or not. 

I personally think writing is a passion I wish I didn't have as the downside is the negativity I feel when posting on social media, which is overwhelmingly overpowering  (yes the two powerful adverb/adjective descriptions because that is the deep impact I sense) and I have to have my 'me' time at the end of the day to recharge my 'batteries'.

I didn't go into the writing field as a profession because I didn't want to be a journalist. That's what earns a living on a daily basis.

Being a writer in whatever capacity means spending 'your' spare time taking photos for example. Then suddenly for instance I'd think of a poem. It's posting that blog and sharing it on social media that makes me feel 'drained' and I need to relax and recharge my energy.

At the end of the evening I feel exhausted and 'ukky' for no reason. So I need time to relax and 'meditate' to de-stress.

So writing is a passion I would not wish on anyone as it takes years to deal with the negative vibes of others who follow 'you' around for decades without telling you etc etc.

Hence the constant and daily challenges faced.

For me Writing requires :-
1. A tremendous amount of solitude to focus on ideas

2. Time to concentrate which is vital so a lot of solitude time which means although I attend social events etc there's no room for constant interaction. That means no personal life. It seems either a writer focuses on their writing passion and photography etc or they choose a lifestyle where they can have a lot of time with others and enjoy a personal relationship

3. Relaxation moments and 'me' time like meditating because 'you' will feel the negativity around you so intensely 'your' mood will be constantly affected and it is difficult being around someone like that

4. Time to deal with negativity at the end of the day because 'your' mood will make you seem a difficult person to be with for more than 15 minutes

5. Dedication, without which you can't write well (that means a lot of time spent in solitude to think and write properly and from the heart so it seems a writer is 'married' to writing; and there's no room for another person). 

It seems a hard bargain to deal with but a genuine writer like famous painters and writers spent/spend a lot of time in solitude. 

For instance: 
Van Gogh, Gaugain, Renoir, Leonardo da Vinci, Keats, TS Elliott, Seamus Heaney etc.

Why is that?
If you had someone constantly niggling at you or vying for your attention, can you concentrate on your blog post?

What about arguments and shouting matches?

Shared chores? Can you be writing whilst having to think of cooking and cleaning for 2 or more on a daily basis?

If the answer is yes to all 3 questions above then that blog post hasn't been given 100% or the cooking and cleaning chores for 2 and/or more have been done half heartedly.

Because writing involves concentrating properly for at least 15 minutes and the time before that has to be clear of house chores. 

Similarly when you are at work, the time has to be focused 100% on work. Not on what to cook afterwards or where to meet who at what time etc etc.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Festive season - time to give a helping hand


Now that March 2019 is fast approaching we have to think about using our experience and knowledge to help countries we know through our cultural heritage and in childhood.

For those whose parents are from different parts of the world, there's so much we can do to connect with those countries to ensure we have #cleanercity #natureinthecity and a way of communicating to help inspire them to appreciate the resources they have to help their community thrive.

We often forget communities who need something and it never has been about

'me, me, me'.

So next time you go about your daily chore think of the wider spectrum.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Our cultural thinking

I hadn't realised until the other day how most think England is their home which is surprising as I never saw anything in my experience in England or Paris to feel this is the case.

I guess because of the general characteristics of the British culture which is to not say anything, nothing was thought of about the importance of keeping cultural traditions and 'keeping within' certain restraints.

Yet in every other way, the message is loud and clear 'you have your culture, we have ours.'

Come March 2019, it will be made obvious that we all have to think very closely about our cultural heritage because of the economic situation.

'You have your reasons and your cultural heritage.  We have ours.'

#nature #lifestyle #culture